Structural Integration / The Ida Rolf Method / Rolf’s Method, a particular style of bodywork that can reorganize the fascia, or connective tissues, throughout the body. These tissues support all of the bones, muscles, nerves and organs throughout the body. Through touch, Rolf’s Method realigns and balances the body through this web-like complex of connective tissue. It can help with one’s posture and structure to resolve discomfort, release tension and diminish pain. It can help people become more flexible, revitalize their energy and allow them to be more aware and comfortable in their own body.

“Little did I now about The Ida Rolf Method, when I decided to book one session at the Studio Australia Barcelona. I thought it was a massage form to relieve chronic muscle tension. I booked because I had a very bad neck pain at that time and I wanted to improve my posture. Luckily Santiago took his time to explain in every detail what Rolfing is really about. How the connective tissue gets sticky, and how it affects our posture and range of movement. And eventually how the decreased range of movement causes bad posture, tension and eventually pain. So Rolfing is not a massage technique working on tense muscles, but working on the liberation of the connective tissue. After the first session I could feel the difference already. My whole upper body felt unchained. I was able to breathe deeper and felt at least 15 cm taller. And the progress continued with every session. Every session works on a different part of the body, and before and during every session you move in front of the rolfer to perfectly adapt the method onto your body. My 10th session was already some months ago, but I still can feel my body changing. All the little tweaks Santiago made, all the tips on how to stand, how to walk, breathe, sit, move…. need time to sit in. I can only recommend The Ida Rolf Method, specially for those who are trying to improve their posture, and are working on a healthy, strong and long living body. If you decide to do it. Do it at Studio Australia Barcelona. An oasis of peace in the busy and intense city of Barcelona.” Martin Guevara Kunerth


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