Introductory Session – 90 minutes

Your Pilates program at Studio Australia Barcelona begins with a one on one private session with a senior instructor.

In this session you will be given a postural assessment and discuss with the instructor your history, any injuries or concerns you may have and what you would like most to achieve from practicing Pilates.

You will be introduced to our method of Pilates, the equipment and the technique of breathing. From this session we will develop a tailored program to suit your needs.



Private Session – 60 minutes

This private Pilates session is a one on one class with the focus on you.

If you have specific injuries or need personal attention we recommend that you take private Pilates sessions as it gives us the time to concentrate solely on your body and adapt the exercises and stretches to suit your needs.

Alternatively, some people decide to do private sessions because they prefer the full direction, attention and correction of the instructor while practicing Pilates.

It is not unusual for some of our clients to do a combination of private and studio sessions as they believe they get the best results with both types of sessions.



Studio Session – 60 minutes

Studio Australia Barcelona studio Pilates sessions are shared classes but you will still be doing your own individual program tailored to suit your needs every time.

Our instructors are qualified Pilates professionals trained to teach up to 3 people at a time always maintaining care and attention of each person in the session.

Every class is carefully planned to ensure you get the experience you came for.



Pilates Repair

At Studio Australia Barcelona we integrate our Pilates method into rehabilitative exercise and therapy programs.

These programs are designed to speed the recovery of soft tissue injuries and other muscle, posture and skeletal disorders. Pilates-based rehabilitation can benefit people with:

· Herniated and other disc injury · Multiple Sclerosis
· Chronic neck and back pain · Parkinson’s Disease
· Sciatica · Fibromyalgia
· Shoulder impingement/tendonitis · Scoliosis
· Hip bursitis · Performance & sports injuries
· Ankle injuries · Repetitive Stress Injuries
· Total knee/hip replacements · Muscle strains
· Post back surgery recovery

Natalia Laing, owner and c0-founder of Studio Australia Barcelona has been working with these types of injuries for more than 20 years. Natalia’s approach to care is always based on individual diagnosis and safety. She has changed many of our clients lives by her ability to stabilize and relieve pain, especially for those with herniated, ruptured or protruding discs, enabling them to return to the jobs and pastimes they love.


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