The work of the Osteopath is to adjust the body from the abnormal to the normal; then the abnormal condition gives place to the normal and health is the result of the normal condition . . .
—Osteopathy Research and Practice

Cranial Sacral

Osteopathy involves the treatment of the whole body where the osteopath uses their hands with gentle contact to influence the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic system and to correct underlying bio-mechanical dysfunction.  This form of treatment can help with back and neck pain, stress and sleeping difficulties, arthritis, joint pain, sports injuries, headaches and migraines, postural and mobility problems.


This is a system of healthcare that focuses on the manipulations of bones and joints, helping to restore mobility and muscle balance.  It is effective for a wide range of structural conditions including lower and upper back pain, sciatica, sports injuries and reduced performance, trapped nerves, frozen shoulder, neck pain, whiplash, occupational strain, joint pain/dysfunction, arthritic pain and postural problems.

All Osteopathy sessions are one hour.


About the practitioner Ubiratan (Bira) Rocha – Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Bira was born in Brazil and his first career for almost 10 years was a ballet dancer.

In 2002 he went to  the St. Elisabeth Foundation Bochum in Germany and graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2005. While working as Physiotherapist he followed a Pilates Trainer course at Polestar Pilates Education Germany in 2006.  His holistic way and beliefs took him on a search for new therapy possibilities.  He discovered the Osteopathy.

In 2012 Bira graduated as an Osteopath at the International Academy of Osteopathy in Gent, Belgium.  Very insightful, he follows the theory that when the body is in unity it has the capacity to heal itself.  Problems can be generated in the body through injures, inflammations and operations and manifest themselves in the joints, muscles and also internal organs which can modify the structures and functions those structures.

The goal of the Osteopathy is to release those problems through manual technics and try to put the body back to centre again so it can activate
its own healing capacity.

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