A gentle and empowered way to give birth

HypnoBirthing is a form of childbirth preparation that believes in women’s innate ability to give birth gently and easily and is based on the belief that birth is healthy and natural. The practice uses the concept of mind over matter to erase the pain during birth. Therapists teach women and their partners how to self-hypnotize and use slow breathing techniques that coincide with the body’s natural contractions. With hypnobirthing, one will learn a state of relaxation and to trust their birthing instincts for a calm comfortable birth.

By learning how to relax profoundly, women are able to enter easily into a relaxed state during labour. In this relaxed state, they are free to release the powerful cocktail of hormones that are necessary for labour to progress and for the baby to be born.

The key hormone in this cocktail is oxytocin. Oxytocin is the true “love hormone”, essential in the most intimate activities: sex, labour and breastfeeding.

The deep relaxation women practice allows the HypnoBirthing mothers to go within themselves and their birthing body, separating themselves from any potentially adrenalin-producing situations around them and letting her neo-cortex give way to their innate ability to give birth.

Reaching the peak of oxytocin release, women release feel-good endorphins, and the lack of tension in the uterus allows the uterine muscles to expand and open without resistance, thus lessening or eliminating the discomfort and pain generally associated with labour.


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