You work your body so why not your face?

Studio Australia Barcelona launched Face Pilates as a tool to give people a non invasive, non surgical, 100% natural alternative to firm and lift the muscles of the face and neck, promote and increase blood circulation and enhance skin texture to reduce fine lines over time.

Following the same principals of Pilates but applied to the face rather than the body we have designed a series of exercises focused to work those areas that are known to show aging such as the neck, cheeks, eyes, lips, nose and forehead by means of facial expressions, finger pressure, stretches, massages and breathing.

You can introduce Face Pilates into your daily routine by purchasing our Face Pilates App on iTunes


It is available for iPhone and iPad, is intuitive and easy to use, it presents a program of facial exercises based on the classes given in-studio and has step-by-step explanations and images for correct practice at home.

In addition, we have created tutorials on our Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/user/studioaustralia) that support the App, enabling the user to follow the face-lift routine as well as the eye and cheek routines.

You can also follow the Face Pilates blog which provides advice and more information about facial exercises. www.facepilates.com



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