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You exercise your body why wouldn’t you exercise your face?

Studio Australia Barcelona created a new anti-aging technique based on Pilates facial exercises that rejuvenate your face without having to go under the knife.


The Face Pilates exercises lift the face and neck muscles, contributing to better skin texture, an increase in circulation and the reduction of fine lines over time.

Following the same principles of Pilates but applied to the face rather than the body, distinct muscular groups are exercised by means of facial expressions, finger pressure, stretches, massages and breathing.

The exercises are designed to work those areas that are known to show aging such as the neck, cheeks, eyes, lips, nose and forehead.

We are used to working the muscles of our body, to stretch and define, to attain health and well-being, but there isn’t a culture established in training the facial muscles to transform and optimize results. By exercising the face, muscle tone improves and this smoothes out the skin, thus helping our clients naturally maintain their youth and beauty just as with the rest of the body,” explains Mandy Keillor.

Face Pilates is based on simple exercises that can be introduced into your daily routine thanks to the app created by Studio Australia Barcelona.

It is available for iPhone and iPad, is intuitive and easy to use, it presents a program of facial exercises based on the classes given in-studio and has step-by-step explanations and images for correct practice at home.

It also has a photo function to monitor the evolution of your face and see the before and after results. It’s amazing how after just the first session results can already been seen!

Youtube Channel

In addition, Studio Australia Barcelona has also created tutorials on their Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/studioaustralia) that support the app, enabling the user to follow the face-lift routine as well as the eye and cheek routines in both English and Spanish.


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