Our goal: To empower you to understand your own body and what the consequences are of what you put in it.

We develop plans to help people to detoxify and cleanse their bodies and modify their diets. Depending on what you want to achieve, loose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight we will tailor a diet or detox program to suit your needs.

Our practitioners are specialists in colon hydrotherapy, metabolic typing, nutritional therapy and detox and cleansing. We combine some or all of these practices to create the right program to enhance the experience and the results people can achieve.

Whether you are someone who has never cleansed or detoxed before or you are a seasoned detoxee we are able to tailor a program to suit your lifestyle and needs. Our specialty is a 14 day Detox Program in your own home.

We all have habits in our lives and these influence how we relate to our bodies and how we live. To consciously observe, influence and modify these habits is a challenge but one which will change your life forever. You will learn to how to live in your body and be empowered by the knowledge of how what you consume can make you look, feel and think.


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