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Mandy Keillor, co-founder Studio Australia Barcelona, is the author of The Detox Journey.

This detox guide is aimed at both first time and dedicated detoxees, and embraces the caring spirit and ethos of the internationally renowned health and wellness center.

The Detox Journey is an adventure with food.

 The Detox Journey PDF is available in English and Spanish from or Amazon

The e-book is suitable for all tablets and computers. 
Price: €19.95

What you will find in this guide:
•    Easy to read information and explanations for each part
•    Visual Calendar Map
•    Food Shopping Guide
•    Calorie Counter
•    Skincare tips
•    Nature’s supplements – a food guide to supplements
•    Parasite Cleanse
•    Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse
•    3 day Raw Food Cleanse – including calorie counted menus
•    30 amazing detox recipes for you to experience
•    Library of reference books, websites and documentaries

Please download your copy of The Detox Journey and we will be waiting to show you the way!

Keillor says:
“We are going on a food journey! The Detox Journey. I have written this guide to give you a safe, simple, and effective detox program that can integrate into your daily life for 14 days with just a little organization, planning and determination. Not just like any journey, this adventure will be full of tasty, unexpected food experiences with surprising easy to prepare dishes to tantalise your taste buds along the way.”

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