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Improve your health and sexual vitality by learning how to cultivate Yin.

Studio Australia Barcelona is pleased to be hosting the series of Chi Gung for Women Workshops starting on the 2nd of March 2018.


Why do we lose our yin and sexual vitality?

Women have been living in a world predominately dominated by men for thousands of years and it has taken a toll on our mental, emotional and physical bodies, really, we have been through the mill!

Throughout history we have come to gain more power in our society, thanks to the wonderful women that gave, and are giving, their lives for more justice in this patriarchal world. Yes things have changed greatly since our grandmother’s times but hey, with equality, aren’t we now doing too much? What’s been the cost?

Until recent decades the majority of women who came before us did not or could not work out side the house. Indeed, they had their days full with domestic chores, raising children and being good wives.

But, what about woman today?

Most of us still look after the house, raise our kids, are there for our partners (or support children as single mothers) and then on top of that we often work outside in highly competitive and professional environments. No wonder psychosomatic diseases affect mainly women.

We keep on going, despite running on an empty tank. We operate depending far too much on the sympathetic nervous system, not giving sufficient time for the parasympathetic nervous system to restore our body and mind properly.

The result? We burn out.

Women come to the clinic fatigued, with migraines, insomnia, bloating, constipation or IBS. They complain of early signs of menopause, such as night sweats, dryness of the eyes and internal mucus, even when they are only in their 30’s.

On top of that many also feel nervousness, have a lack of libido and shortness of breath all of which indicates these women are not accessing the natural restorative, grounding and nourishing aspects of their health, or simply put, they are manifesting a lack of Yin-Essence.

When I ask these women if they feel pleasure, some laugh while others have cried. I explain to them that pleasure comes with the ability to be relaxed in the moment and that this quality has to do more with allowing than with controlling.

I also explain that if they are running on an empty tank it’s quite normal to feel the need to grasp so they can sense, unconsciously, everything is securely under their control.

In reality this reaction arises in response to an internal energy weakness and a lack of vitality that often leads to a needless micro-management of life’s challenges and creates a cycle of continuous over exertion.

They generally ask me how then can they let go, be in the present, feel pleasure and stop controlling and my answer is simple, build vitality.

Bit by conscious bit.


How do your rebuild your vitality?

Building vitality starts by nourishing yin. This means releasing tension in the nervous system, opening up from the inside out, allowing things to unfold, enjoying the body from within, regaining internal responsiveness, lubrication, libido, deep breath and literally feeling good.

When we flourish we look at life from another subjective position, we fall in love with it; we feel ‘juicier’, richer and therefore more optimistic and spirited. This is not only felt internally but also noticed by everyone around us, especially the one’s we want to attract! It encourages in them the desire to accompany us on this extraordinary journey.


Learn how to rebuild your vitality with Aline Tisato in 5 workshops!


WHEN:   Courses dates

Friday 2nd March

Friday 9th March

Friday 16th March

Friday 23rd March

Friday 7th April

TIME:              5.00pm to 6.30pm (please note workshops will be between 60 to 90 minutes.)

WHERE:         Studio Australia Barcelona

COST:              €200         – bonus package x 5 workshops
€50.00      – individual classes


Each workshop is limited to 10 attendees.   Book NOW!

For more information contact us on 9321 85093 or 6493 47392.


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