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Natural beauty tips for your eyes and hair this summer!

While maintaining a good cardio routine to keep your heart and cardio vascular system healthy and eating the right foods to nourish your body are important to maintain balance in Summer, caring for your skin, hair and your good looks are also important!

And it doesn’t have to mean that it is expensive or complicated.

Natural skin and hair care treatments are simple to create!

These hair and skincare tips and recipes are so easy for you to do while you are on holidays and enjoying the sun this summer, no matter where you are!



  1. Protect your skin and stop your eyes from aging.

Use a good Vitamin E cream or oil under your eyes daily before you go out into the sun.  It is proven to improve the texture of the skin and help protect the skin from UV rays.

  1. Don’t forget to care for your lashes!

Castor oil is our secret to healthy and full summer eyelashes.  Dab a small amount of oil onto your top and bottom lashes every night before bed with a cotton tip and gently comb through with a lash brush.

  1. Reduce puffy eyes

After a night of fun you might need a little help to reduce the puffiness around your eyes.  A slice of cucumber or a packet of frozen peas will do the job!

Relax for 15 minutes on the couch and you’ll be looking fresh again!

  1. Revitalize your hair with a nourishing mask

Sun, sea and the elements of summer can really take it out of our hair.


Try this hair mask once a month to support the natural minerals and protein that your hair needs to look nourished and conditioned.




Egg Mask Recipe

  • Whisk one egg
  • Mix in 4 tablespoons of grape seed oil
  • Add a few drops of lavender oil

Rub through your hair and rub into your scalp.  Wrap you hair in a towel and leave for 30 minutes.

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal.


We hope you have a wonderful summer season and that these Endless Summer Tips have been worth the read for you!  Thanks for following!

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