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Do you think about what you eat in Summer?

Continuing on from our Endless Summer Tips #1 Cardio tips when I spoke about how to keep your body in shape, this post I want to help you understand what foods you should eat in Summer to keep your organs nourished and your body balanced.

Summer, the season of fire in the traditional Chinese medicine and holistic medical philosophies is also is connected to the small intestine as this is where nutrition is transferred into our blood stream and directly to the heart.

Holistic medical practices believe that being out of balance with an element may cause illness or physical and emotional issues so the right nourishment is essential for the season for you to be in balance.

What do we mean by balance?

Did you know you may have too much or too little fire?


Fire deficient

If you have a tendency to be cold or lethargic even in summer this might mean that you are fire deficient. To counter act this you should include warming foods in your diet such as….

  • corn
  • cherries
  • ginger
  • peppers
  • basmati rice
  • ginger
  • butter
  • meat


Make a pot of ginger tea to sip on through out the day or in the evening.

2-3 cm’s of fresh ginger peeled and chopped infused in boiling water.

It will last all day! Just keep topping it up with fresh water.


Excess fire

Are you hyperactive and do you feel overcommitted?

This could mean that you have excess fire.

To help balance your excess fire you can include these more cooling foods in your diet….

  • cucumber
  • sprouts
  • watermelon
  • apples
  • lemons
  • lime


Start your day with a cleansing juice!


1 medium cucumber

2 cups of watermelon

Juice of ½ lemon or lime



Serves 1.

This juice is not just good for your heart it’s a great kidney cleanse!



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