Castellano a continuación Finding pelvic floor muscles We spend our days teaching people how to engage their pelvic floors and reminding them to use them with every Pilates exercise they do.  It’s essential with our method but it’s not always easy. To make it a little more practical we have had to come up with some imaginative prompts over the years to help people get their mind / pelvic floor

Our friends All Those Food Market are busy preparing for the special Christmas edition for the first time at Seminari Conciliar this weekend in Barcelona. We are very excited to see that this year they have started Gastronomic Workshops and some of the favourite people in our community will be sharing their expertise including masterclasses in fermentation by Rooftop Smokehouse, healthy recipes with El Pot and Green Mama Bcn and

Para leer este post en español, visita el blog de Yo Elijo Cuidarme. Are you ready for strong, healthy, gorgeous hair? Can you spare 15 minutes out of your day to have great hair? This post we are going to tell you where head massage began, how it is recognized today as an alternative health treatment, reveal the natural oils that can help you to improve the health, quality and

Puedes encontrar este post en español en!  @fortephamaes Do you have hair issues? Balding? Hair loss? Going grey? Lacking luster? Bad condition? Anyone who knows Mandy knows she’s hair mad! Today we start her series on how massaging your scalp is scientifically proven to improve all of these conditions. Follow our 4 part series on hair! Part 1. Why is it important to massage your scalp for hair growth? Before


Mar 2016

Art and Wellness

Castellano a continuación It’s always great to collaborate with new and innovative people so when Karine Heckmann from 3PGallery contacted us at the beginning of the year to ask if we would be interested in creating a pop up gallery and exhibition for 5 of her artists, we were delighted at the chance to share our space. Karine is one of those people whom everybody seems to know! Originally from

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación What is Foot Reflexology? Reflexology is a traditional therapeutic technique. For more than 5000 years, this treatment has been practiced in countries such as India, China and Egypt. How does it work? Reflexology uses channels or energy lines via pressure points in the foot that connect with certain organs in the body.  The main goal is to achieve balance in the whole body

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Mindfulness.  It’s the buzz. Topping the gift list for Christmas just gone, believe it or not, Mindfulness colouring-in-books for adults and children! Google even has a head of mindfulness training.  Chede-Meng Tan believes that mindfulness is the new fitness.  Emotional fitness. Based on Buddhist philosophy, but not a religious practice, it was developed in the ‘70’s and brought into mainstream medicine and society

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación They say that around 400 years ago ladies from the Japanese aristocracy discovered the secrets of a manicure that gave their nails the delicate luster of a pink pearl. Whether this is true or not we thank who ever created the technique! We LOVE the Japanese manicure! It’s a healthy alternative to gorgeous nails without using lacquer, for men and women. So what

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Make sure to check out the special offer below from Doctor Veg to our Studio Australia Barcelona community! Living in a busy metropolitan city like Barcelona, the idea of having organic fresh fruits and vegetables recently picked from the countryside delivered to your door has for a long time been a dream. But Alfredo Resines, co-founder of organic produce delivery service Doctor Veg,

Spanish to follow | Castellano a continuación We all need a little hair removal at times (or regularly), don’t we? Recently we have expanded our services to include natural waxing. The latest practitioner to join our team, Iwona, is a specialist in public health and cosmetology (more about this in the coming weeks), she is also a trained expert in the art of Lycon Waxing, a completely natural alternative of