Castellano a continuación On the 3rd of December 2015, Forte Pharma launched their new branding, products and online platform Yo Elijo Cuidarme to 40 pharmacists at the Olivia Balmes and we became part of a new team.  The Forte Pharma team. Their philosophy:  To bring together a group of talented professionals to support their range of natural supplements for the wellbeing of the body, skin and hair. Introducing the Forte

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Mindfulness.  It’s the buzz. Topping the gift list for Christmas just gone, believe it or not, Mindfulness colouring-in-books for adults and children! Google even has a head of mindfulness training.  Chede-Meng Tan believes that mindfulness is the new fitness.  Emotional fitness. Based on Buddhist philosophy, but not a religious practice, it was developed in the ‘70’s and brought into mainstream medicine and society

Spanish to follow | Castellano a continuación Our interview with Reiki Master Alex Prehn. Holistic therapies may come in many forms; Reiki, cranial sacral biodynamic treatment, cranial sacral osteopathy, acupuncture, but they all share a common connection – they allow an individual to experience their own healing journey. This journey can awaken and help bring about a new sense of flow and aliveness from within. This week Alex Prehn, our

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación To many people in our society, the idea of ‘natural’ childbirth is equated with needless suffering and sacrifice. A pregnant woman who says she would like to give birth naturally is often treated with cries of ‘that’s brave!’ or worse still ‘well, you’ll soon find out’ or perhaps just a baffled ‘why?’ Somehow we have become convinced that our species is unable to

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Our colon hydrotherapist at Studio Australia Barcelona always has a box of tissues at hand as colon hydrotherapy can be an emotional experience. We talk freely about emotions but how do they actually affect us and our well-being? General symptoms like pain, fatigue, dizziness and more specific ones like indigestion, ulcers, headaches and irritable bowel are increasingly seen to be medically unexplained symptoms

Following on from our SLEEP HYGIENE post last Tuesday here are the top 6 recommendations from the Studio Australia Barcelona community we promised! 1.    Buddify 2 – Recommended by Patricia O’Brien Patricia says….. “ I was very happy to discover a mindfulness app, Buddhify 2.  It provides a variety of traditional and situational meditations to suit most lifestyles.  The guiding voices are a pleasant blend of English and American which keep me interested.”

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