Spanish to follow | Español a continuación To many people in our society, the idea of ‘natural’ childbirth is equated with needless suffering and sacrifice. A pregnant woman who says she would like to give birth naturally is often treated with cries of ‘that’s brave!’ or worse still ‘well, you’ll soon find out’ or perhaps just a baffled ‘why?’ Somehow we have become convinced that our species is unable to

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Written by Orna Genislav – Therapist Helping the Body to Heal Itself The significance of CranioSacral therapy is that this therapy activates the body’s own healing mechanism. Because the use of light touch does not activate resistance in the body, it allows the therapist to facilitate and harness its own healing. This hands-on therapy allows the tissues to unwind, relax and the body

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación If you are pregnant, Pilates is the best! First, and very importantly, you need to find a studio or instructor who is experienced in pre-natal Pilates. Pilates is a detailed form of exercise and instructors should have completed comprehensive Pilates instructor training.  In Australia you need to have completed training equivalent to an apprenticeship level to teach Pilates as a professional. Pilates and

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