Puedes encontrar esta publicación en castellano en el blog de la Farmácia Serra Mandri aquí. Summer time in Spain!  And it’s HOT! So it’s important we all look hot in (or out of) our bathing suits…no? To keep you looking amazing for your long endless summer I’ve come up with a simple list of helpful hints that will help keep you in shape, nourish your organs, keep you looking great

Castellano a continuación Natalia and I are always excited when we are able to introduce new practices and practitioners to our community. We never advertise for new specialists, and one of the things that distinguish Studio Australia Barcelona from other wellness and medical centers is that we only have exceptional professional practitioners on our team. We’d just rather not offer a practice if we cannot deliver outstanding care. It is

¡Puedes encontrar este artículo en castellano en el blog de Behealthy.es! Pilates is known to be an excellent rehabilitation tool for back problems such as herniated discs, or for improving scoliosis as well as repairing other sporting ailments like tendinitis, knee injuries and bursitis. Until recently in Spain it has not been usual to use Pilates as a complementary practice to competitive sports to improve performance or avoid injury. Studio

Puedes encontrar este post en castellano en el blog de Farmàcia Serra Mandri aquí. Did you know that Pilates is one of the only forms of exercise that is safe and suitable for pregnancy?  We would say it’s a fundamental part of preparing for child birth and beyond. Pilates has only gained popularity in Barcelona and the rest of Spain over the past decade.  Many people would know it from

Castellano a continuación At Studio Australia Barcelona we are not cancer experts but we do care for people in our center and members of their families, who do have or are recovering from cancer. Nothing really gives you the opportunity to learn about cancer better than the experience of sharing the ordeal with those you care for or love.   Recommended Treatments Within all our wellness and health experiences we

Puedes encontrar este post en castellano en Yoelijocuidarme.es When is the best time to do Face Pilates or scalp massage? Let’s really be honest, the most important time to do these routines is when you have the time. We can all make excuses as to why we don’t have moments in our busy lives to go to the gym, eat well or meditate, but that’s all they are….excuses. If you

Castellano a continuación What is Barre Pilates™? It’s the perfect way to get fit and tone up without the risk of injury or feeling like you are going to expire…but be prepared! An intelligent form of exercise that combines our own Pilates exercises with high repetitions, static holds and pulses, repeated stretching and just a few ballet moves! Using light hand weights, Therabands™, your own body stamina and functional training

Nat’s Journey Back – part 4 Last post we told you about how Nat was able to get herself back to work and out of pain in 3 weeks.   She was not only suffering a herniated disc in her lumber spine but multiple other issues. Put the link with her diagnosis. Many people come to our studio for Pilates in Barcelona, and some have spent years in pain and unable

Getting back to work! After bending forward to demonstrate a glut stretch on the barrel Natalia couldn’t get up. This is something she does every day, in fact many times a day.  It’s one of those things about disc injuries…..one day it just happens and when you least expect it. Last post we explained the awful diagnosis Nat had been given but amazingly she didn’t have this information as she went through