Castellano a continuación This week we finished the clinical trial with Lubrizol! I am very happy to say that the results have been, well….life changing for the volunteers. In 8 weeks they report they feel more beautiful, their skin has better texture, friends and family say they look younger and some have lost more than two centimeters off of their necks. All told us that they would recommend that everyone

Castellano a continuación What is Barre Pilates™? It’s the perfect way to get fit and tone up without the risk of injury or feeling like you are going to expire…but be prepared! An intelligent form of exercise that combines our own Pilates exercises with high repetitions, static holds and pulses, repeated stretching and just a few ballet moves! Using light hand weights, Therabands™, your own body stamina and functional training

Castellano a continuación On the 3rd of December 2015, Forte Pharma launched their new branding, products and online platform Yo Elijo Cuidarme to 40 pharmacists at the Olivia Balmes and we became part of a new team.  The Forte Pharma team. Their philosophy:  To bring together a group of talented professionals to support their range of natural supplements for the wellbeing of the body, skin and hair. Introducing the Forte

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación If you are pregnant, Pilates is the best! First, and very importantly, you need to find a studio or instructor who is experienced in pre-natal Pilates. Pilates is a detailed form of exercise and instructors should have completed comprehensive Pilates instructor training.  In Australia you need to have completed training equivalent to an apprenticeship level to teach Pilates as a professional. Pilates and

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Studio Australia Barcelona has a blog! Each day we want to talk to you about your health and wellness. To share our specialist advice on topics we are passionate about: o PILATES o HEALTHY FOOD o DETOXING o SPIRIT o GOOD HABITS o FEELING GREAT o NATURAL BEAUTY o REPAIRING AND MAINTAINING YOUR BODY o FITNESS o LOVE o PREGNANCY o LIVING LONGER o PROCRASTINATION o SELF-AWARENESS WHY? We want you and the rest