Castellano a continuación It was an honor to host a talk by Dr. Issac Mathai, founder of the Soukya Holistic Health Centre, as he shared his passion for healing, Ayurvedic medicine and natural cures with invited guests. His unique facility helps restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit by combining modern medical advancements, ancient medical techniques and complementary therapies. We were compelled to share his details with you

Castellano a continuación We are very pleased to offer Loup & Filles juices by order now at SAB! Every week you can order your fresh cold pressed seasonal juices to enjoy at the studio while you do Pilates or your treatments or to take home. Delivery day is Monday so make sure you order before Sunday night! You can send a copy of the order form below, email Tamsin from Loup &

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Make sure to check out the special offer below from Doctor Veg to our Studio Australia Barcelona community! Living in a busy metropolitan city like Barcelona, the idea of having organic fresh fruits and vegetables recently picked from the countryside delivered to your door has for a long time been a dream. But Alfredo Resines, co-founder of organic produce delivery service Doctor Veg,

Spanish to follow | Castellano a continuación Until very recently, finding a 100% organic restaurant in Barcelona was difficult. Vegetarians and vegans had a difficult time finding restaurants in Barcelona without a little jamon in their salads, for that extra needed flavor, little mind with a guarantee of organic produce. In the past year or two, we have seen a rapid growth in eco / vegetarian / vegan -friendly spots

Friend’s of Studio Australia Barcelona It’s always a luxury to find a hidden oasis among the hustle and bustle of our city.  Here’s one you might not know about.  Rituels d’Orient Hammam Spa.  Jerome Moulin and his wife Stephanie Horrel opened their spa in late 2008 after they relocated from Paris. We spoke this week with Jerome about their Hammam and asked him how an experience at their spa is

Ready to start the detox on Sunday? A basic shopping list for your 3 day Raw Food Cleanse is waiting for you at The journey is about to begin!   © 2015-2016

Want to join our next Global Community Detox that starts on the 25th of September 2016?  Follow us here for updates and more information! ¿Quieres participar en nuestro próximo Detox de la Comunidad Global que empieza el día 25 de septiembre 2016?  ¡Síguenos aquí para más información! Spanish to follow | Español a continuación What is a global community detox? It’s a way to detox without feeling friendless! Feeling overweight,

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación We know that wheatgrass has been around for a few thousand years. In the 20th century it regained popularity due to the work of Ann Wigmore our raw food guru. Lately wheatgrass has been marketed as a superfood due to its high levels of concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids and the belief in its ability to detox the body. Now even

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación How do you describe a SUPERFOOD? Did you know there is no official definition of a SUPERFOOD? In 2007 the EU actually legislated to protect the consumer by banning the labeling of any food as a SUPERFOOD unless it is accompanied by a specific authorised health claim that explains why the product is good for their health. It you Google “superfood” you get

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación Our colon hydrotherapist at Studio Australia Barcelona always has a box of tissues at hand as colon hydrotherapy can be an emotional experience. We talk freely about emotions but how do they actually affect us and our well-being? General symptoms like pain, fatigue, dizziness and more specific ones like indigestion, ulcers, headaches and irritable bowel are increasingly seen to be medically unexplained symptoms