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Puedes encontrar esta publicación en castellano en el blog de la Farmácia Serra Mandri aquí. Summer time in Spain!  And it’s HOT! So it’s important we all look hot in (or out of) our bathing suits…no? To keep you looking amazing for your long endless summer I’ve come up with a simple list of helpful hints that will help keep you in shape, nourish your organs, keep you looking great

Puedes encontrar este post en castellano en el blog de Farmàcia Serra Mandri aquí. You exercise the muscles of your body so why wouldn’t you exercise the muscles of your face? It seems like common sense, don’t you think? We are accustomed to working the muscles of our bodies, for strength, definition, to stay healthy and to look our best, but there is no established culture for training the facial

Castellano a continuación We are very pleased to offer Loup & Filles juices by order now at SAB! Every week you can order your fresh cold pressed seasonal juices to enjoy at the studio while you do Pilates or your treatments or to take home. Delivery day is Monday so make sure you order before Sunday night! You can send a copy of the order form below, email Tamsin from Loup &

Español a continuación Spring – the time to detox. Spring is the season to cleanse your body and reset your habits. Now is the time to prepare your agendas, join our Global Community Detox, get ready to fill your cells with fresh green, alkaline rich, organic foods and allow your organs to revive. Just like the budding new growth of nature our body rejuvenates.  As we come out of winter

Puedes encontrar este post en castellano en el blog de Farmàcia Serra Mandri aquí. Can you tell me when you last allowed yourself time to meditate? Come on!  You must have heard that mindfulness is all the rage!  No? In just a few short years the mindfulness and meditation trend has generated a myriad of easy to use apps like Headspace that have become extremely popular (the company has sold

¡Puedes encontrar este artículo en castellano aquí! Improve your health and sexual vitality by learning how to cultivate Yin. Studio Australia Barcelona is pleased to be hosting the series of Chi Gung for Women Workshops starting on the 2nd of March 2018.   Why do we lose our yin and sexual vitality? Women have been living in a world predominately dominated by men for thousands of years and it has

Castellano a continuación We have tailored three limited packages to give to the ones you love for Christmas this year.   Anti Aging Package Look your best, naturally! Nutritional Stock Take You are what you eat.  Learn how to adapt your diet to suit your body.                        Food diary review Basal Metabolic Rate calculation 1 hour personal consultation Face Pilates™ Session An instant facelift! Enjoy our unique Face Pilates™ method and

Puedes encontrar este post en castellano en el blog de Farmàcia Serra Mandri aquí. Reiki may not be one of the first “go to” methods you might think of to relieve the stress in your week, but it just may be a practice you should consider trying? Many of our clients book in a Reiki session on a Friday afternoon just to balance themselves to enjoy the weekend and forget

Castellano a continuación Natalia and I are always excited when we are able to introduce new practices and practitioners to our community. We never advertise for new specialists, and one of the things that distinguish Studio Australia Barcelona from other wellness and medical centers is that we only have exceptional professional practitioners on our team. We’d just rather not offer a practice if we cannot deliver outstanding care. It is

¡Puedes encontrar este artículo en castellano en el blog de Behealthy.es! Pilates is known to be an excellent rehabilitation tool for back problems such as herniated discs, or for improving scoliosis as well as repairing other sporting ailments like tendinitis, knee injuries and bursitis. Until recently in Spain it has not been usual to use Pilates as a complementary practice to competitive sports to improve performance or avoid injury. Studio