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Castellano a continuación At Studio Australia Barcelona we are not cancer experts but we do care for people in our center and members of their families, who do have or are recovering from cancer. Nothing really gives you the opportunity to learn about cancer better than the experience of sharing the ordeal with those you care for or love.   Recommended Treatments Within all our wellness and health experiences we

Castellano a continuación Studio Australia Barcelona is pleased to introduce Tai Chi Chuan and Chin Kung classes at Studio Australia Barcelona. So, in a nutshell, what are these practices? TAI CHI CHUAN Known today as “the martial art of longevity,” this discipline, of Chinese origin, was thought to be developed first by Taoist monks in the XIII century. Harvey Health has called it “medicine in motion”. Basically this practice is

Castellano a continuación Finding pelvic floor muscles We spend our days teaching people how to engage their pelvic floors and reminding them to use them with every Pilates exercise they do.  It’s essential with our method but it’s not always easy. To make it a little more practical we have had to come up with some imaginative prompts over the years to help people get their mind / pelvic floor

Our friends All Those Food Market are busy preparing for the special Christmas edition for the first time at Seminari Conciliar this weekend in Barcelona. We are very excited to see that this year they have started Gastronomic Workshops and some of the favourite people in our community will be sharing their expertise including masterclasses in fermentation by Rooftop Smokehouse, healthy recipes with El Pot and Green Mama Bcn and

Puedes encontrar este post en castellano en Yoelijocuidarme.es When is the best time to do Face Pilates or scalp massage? Let’s really be honest, the most important time to do these routines is when you have the time. We can all make excuses as to why we don’t have moments in our busy lives to go to the gym, eat well or meditate, but that’s all they are….excuses. If you

Puedes encontrar este post en castellano en Yoelijocuidarme.es Do you suffer with hair loss or have problems with thinning hair? This post we have 10 of our best tips and some great new products to stimulate your hair growth and care for your luscious locks!   Scalp care Dryness, dandruff and irritation Symptoms including those distasteful white flakes on your shoulders and in your hair, an itchy scalp and dull

Para leer este post en español, visita el blog de Yo Elijo Cuidarme. Most of us would not believe that massaging your scalp every day would help to reduce hair loss. It just seems too simple. But the facts are that massaging your scalp regularly is a natural proven method to get your hair grow and even combat baldness. Massage techniques including kneading, rubbing, tapping and putting pressure on the

Castellano a continuación The Project When I was asked to be the Beauty Coach for Forte Pharma, I wasn’t sure what I was signing up for! What it turned out to be was an innovative approach to marketing the Forte Pharma natural supplements and healthcare range. The concept of bringing experts in the fields of beauty, wellness, nutrition and fitness to represent the company as they launched their latest health

Para leer este post en español, visita el blog de Yo Elijo Cuidarme. Following on from the History of Head Massage and Essential Oils we shared with you last post, today I explain the Daily Head Massage Routine.  It is designed so you can do it to yourself, but I have to say that it’s much more relaxing and enjoyable if you can find someone who is willing to do

Castellano a continuación An intelligent, gentle and kind body work technique. Originally from Australia, the Bowen technique uses gentle and brief rolling motions on different parts of your body to guide the body to find its equilibrium. It is based on osteopathic principles such as: “structure governs function”. Some describe the technique as a method that ‘tunes’ the body, much like a guitar or piano. This ‘tuning’ or re-setting of