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You exercise the muscles of your body so why wouldn’t you exercise the muscles of your face?

It seems like common sense, don’t you think?

We are accustomed to working the muscles of our bodies, for strength, definition, to stay healthy and to look our best, but there is no established culture for training the facial muscles to perform at their optimum.

In 2011 we developed Face Pilates™, a series of exercises to work out your neck and entire face.

First, I want to explain a little more about Pilates.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that was developed by a German man called Joseph Pilates. He was born in the late 1900’s and was a sickly child. Luckily for him his parents were very progressive.   To strengthen their son’s young body they taught him to do gymnastics, body building, martial arts and boxing. By the time he was in his teens he was able to pose for anatomical charts!

The experience and dedication to his body lead Pilates to believe that poor health was due to lifestyle, bad posture and inefficient breathing.

Over his lifetime of 83 years (he passed away in New York in 1967) Joseph Pilates developed the precise exercise and training techniques, designed equipment and created curriculum that we now know today as Pilates.

If you have ever used Pilates equipment you will notice that the machines have springs to the create resistance. Interestingly Pilates developed this technique from using bedsprings while rehabilitating his fellow prisoners when he was interned in a prisoner of war camp in the Isle of Man in World War I.

He life was dedicated to improving physical strength.

Taking the principals of the Pilates method of exercise – flexibility, strength, posture, breath, mental awareness my team and we created a series of dedicated exercises and stretches that are designed to work the 43 muscles of the face and neck.

How do you do Face Pilates?

Instead of using springs you use your fingers to stretch and lift, as well as make gestures and hold positions with brain to muscle movements.

Like the body the face has muscles that are short and long, horizontal and vertical.

For example the muscles on your forehead are long and vertical so the wrinkles you develop are horizontal. For this reason when we exercise these muscles we work them horizontally too. When you body build you grow and shape the muscle by increasing the weights and repetitions. It also increases the blood flow to the muscle. When we do the same on the face it ‘fills’ in the sag and reduces the signs of wrinkles in the area.

All of our faces are different so it’s important that when you start doing facial exercises you study your own face to understand the shape, where your best features are to enhance and where you need to do some work!

In my case I concentrate on several areas of my face. My eyelids which have a tendency to droop, my neck which is aging like most people’s once they hit their 50’s and my jowls.

The unique feature of your face is that the skin is attached to the muscles and there is a tendency not to have much fat on our faces so the results can be seen immediately!

In our studio sessions we actually work one half of the face first so you can see the difference during the class!

before & after(5)

How many times a week should you do facial exercises?

To work the entire face the routine takes about an hour including the neck, jowls, mouth, cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead.

I have been exercising my face every week for 7 years. I do not have time to do my entire face every week.

To be honest I look forward to studio sessions so I can sit in on a class and have an instructor guide me through the routine!

Instead I have a 7 minute express routine that I do 3 or 4 times a week to work on my problem areas. Kind of like a maintenance workout!

Benefits of Face Pilates?

The benefits when you exercise, stretch and stimulate the facial muscles are:

  • Collagen production is increased and your skin condition is improved.
  • Muscles are developed – just like when you work your bicep or triceps, creating lift.
  • It is surprisingly relaxing and helps remove tension from the face.
  • You have the opportunity to enhance and improve the look of your face in just a few minutes.
  • It is a natural way to combat aging.


In recent years we have seen an increase in people turning to unnatural solutions to maintaining their looks like surgery and fillers.

These options can be costly, temporary and at times risky.

Face Pilates is a much kinder, more natural fix.

Plus, you cannot overdo what nature intended, so there is no risk of going too far!

If you would like more information about Face Pilates™ or would like to book a Face Pilates class for yourself or a group of friends please do not hesitate to contact us.


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