Castellano a continuación An intelligent, gentle and kind body work technique. Originally from Australia, the Bowen technique uses gentle and brief rolling motions on different parts of your body to guide the body to find its equilibrium. It is based on osteopathic principles such as: “structure governs function”. Some describe the technique as a method that ‘tunes’ the body, much like a guitar or piano. This ‘tuning’ or re-setting of

Para leer este post en español, visita el blog de Yo Elijo Cuidarme. Are you ready for strong, healthy, gorgeous hair? Can you spare 15 minutes out of your day to have great hair? This post we are going to tell you where head massage began, how it is recognized today as an alternative health treatment, reveal the natural oils that can help you to improve the health, quality and

Castellano a continuación What is Barre Pilates™? It’s the perfect way to get fit and tone up without the risk of injury or feeling like you are going to expire…but be prepared! An intelligent form of exercise that combines our own Pilates exercises with high repetitions, static holds and pulses, repeated stretching and just a few ballet moves! Using light hand weights, Therabands™, your own body stamina and functional training