Castellano a continuación On the 3rd of December 2015, Forte Pharma launched their new branding, products and online platform Yo Elijo Cuidarme to 40 pharmacists at the Olivia Balmes and we became part of a new team.  The Forte Pharma team. Their philosophy:  To bring together a group of talented professionals to support their range of natural supplements for the wellbeing of the body, skin and hair. Introducing the Forte

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación What is Foot Reflexology? Reflexology is a traditional therapeutic technique. For more than 5000 years, this treatment has been practiced in countries such as India, China and Egypt. How does it work? Reflexology uses channels or energy lines via pressure points in the foot that connect with certain organs in the body.  The main goal is to achieve balance in the whole body