Spanish to follow | Castellano a continuación Our interview with Reiki Master Alex Prehn. Holistic therapies may come in many forms; Reiki, cranial sacral biodynamic treatment, cranial sacral osteopathy, acupuncture, but they all share a common connection – they allow an individual to experience their own healing journey. This journey can awaken and help bring about a new sense of flow and aliveness from within. This week Alex Prehn, our

Spanish to follow | Castellano a continuación We all need a little hair removal at times (or regularly), don’t we? Recently we have expanded our services to include natural waxing. The latest practitioner to join our team, Iwona, is a specialist in public health and cosmetology (more about this in the coming weeks), she is also a trained expert in the art of Lycon Waxing, a completely natural alternative of