Friend’s of Studio Australia Barcelona It’s always a luxury to find a hidden oasis among the hustle and bustle of our city.  Here’s one you might not know about.  Rituels d’Orient Hammam Spa.  Jerome Moulin and his wife Stephanie Horrel opened their spa in late 2008 after they relocated from Paris. We spoke this week with Jerome about their Hammam and asked him how an experience at their spa is

Nat’s Journey Back – part 4 Last post we told you about how Nat was able to get herself back to work and out of pain in 3 weeks.   She was not only suffering a herniated disc in her lumber spine but multiple other issues. Put the link with her diagnosis. Many people come to our studio for Pilates in Barcelona, and some have spent years in pain and unable

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Want to join our next Global Community Detox that starts on the 25th of September 2016?  Follow us here for updates and more information! ¿Quieres participar en nuestro próximo Detox de la Comunidad Global que empieza el día 25 de septiembre 2016?  ¡Síguenos aquí para más información! Spanish to follow | Español a continuación What is a global community detox? It’s a way to detox without feeling friendless! Feeling overweight,