Spanish to follow | Español a continuación We know that wheatgrass has been around for a few thousand years. In the 20th century it regained popularity due to the work of Ann Wigmore our raw food guru. Lately wheatgrass has been marketed as a superfood due to its high levels of concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids and the belief in its ability to detox the body. Now even

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación To many people in our society, the idea of ‘natural’ childbirth is equated with needless suffering and sacrifice. A pregnant woman who says she would like to give birth naturally is often treated with cries of ‘that’s brave!’ or worse still ‘well, you’ll soon find out’ or perhaps just a baffled ‘why?’ Somehow we have become convinced that our species is unable to

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación How do you describe a SUPERFOOD? Did you know there is no official definition of a SUPERFOOD? In 2007 the EU actually legislated to protect the consumer by banning the labeling of any food as a SUPERFOOD unless it is accompanied by a specific authorised health claim that explains why the product is good for their health. It you Google “superfood” you get

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación This week’s FRIEND of Studio Australia Barcelona is Buster Turner.  Chef, food consultant and co-owner of The Rooftop Smokehouse and The Grand Shawarma Express we speak to Buster about his passion for the concept of ‘nose to tail’ eating and his idea of ethically grown food. Nowadays we repeatedly hear the importance of eating organic, buying from local farmers and eating sustainably produced