Last week I heard this quote and it moved me so much that I wanted to share it with you.  It’s a scientist’s explanation of how we are all connected, how we are all made of the same matter, how the universe is in us all.  I think it’s a perfectly logical explanation of our spiritual collectiveness! “….the most astonishing fact is that the molecules that comprise our body are

Before we get to Nat’s diagnosis we need to understand a little about the terms that those in the medical or rehabilitation industry use to describe back and spine injury. A simple description of possible disc problems Being diagnosed with disc problems can be confusing. Medical practitioners use all of the descriptions listed here to describe disc injury depending on the severity of the damage to the disc: ·      Herniated

Following on from our SLEEP HYGIENE post last Tuesday here are the top 6 recommendations from the Studio Australia Barcelona community we promised! 1.    Buddify 2 – Recommended by Patricia O’Brien Patricia says….. “ I was very happy to discover a mindfulness app, Buddhify 2.  It provides a variety of traditional and situational meditations to suit most lifestyles.  The guiding voices are a pleasant blend of English and American which keep me interested.”

Think of a leg of lamb (sorry to all the vegetarians and vegans in our community).  Now think of the white covering on the leg of lamb.  This is the fascia. We all have a fascia that covers the muscles on our body.  It’s the bit between the skin and the muscle and it envelopes, separates and protects the muscles of the body. There are 3 layers of fascia in

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación If you are pregnant, Pilates is the best! First, and very importantly, you need to find a studio or instructor who is experienced in pre-natal Pilates. Pilates is a detailed form of exercise and instructors should have completed comprehensive Pilates instructor training.  In Australia you need to have completed training equivalent to an apprenticeship level to teach Pilates as a professional. Pilates and

Spanish to follow | Español a continuación This is the 1st post for our FRIENDS of Studio Australia Barcelona segment! Our roving reporter, Brianna Gordon, will each Wednesday be bringing you an insight into the local culture, identities, food, new ideas and interesting BCN places with her reports we are calling “FRIENDS of Studio Australia Barcelona”. Here we go…. Interview with Antonio, owner of The Farmers, Carrer de Valldonzella 39

How did you sleep last night? Monday morning this week, and everyone one I spoke to in the studio slept badly. So what is SLEEP HYGIENE? Basically it’s a practice developed in the ’70’s by a group of clinicians to assess people suffering with insomnia. These days it’s a term that describes good sleep habits. Why do we need good SLEEP HYGIENE? o To function at our best during waking

What’s on the menu for our detox dinner? vietnamese cold rolls gingery noodle soup pan fried Lubina fish with mixed vegetables in coconut sauce and brown rice organic stewed apples with goat’s milk yoghurt and organic honey So you think detox food is boring?  No en mi casa! A few weeks ago we had a few friends to dinner. What we didn’t tell them was it was only

It’s the classic story: “I just sneezed and threw my back out”. It’s that easy. Even for a fit Pilates instructor! Last November Nat bent over to demonstrate a glut stretch on the barrel in class, something she does at least 10 times a day, and couldn’t get up. The next day she couldn’t get out of bed, pee or walk by her self. She was helpless. Over the past

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